Equipment & Tools are the most significant aspect contributing to the goal achievement. CES has arranged the following requirement.

Moreover, CES also supplies machines for supporting offshore work. Such as Air Compressor, Diesel Generator, Diesel Welding Machine, Air Winch etc. Which are equipped with the Frame Protector including shackles and sling for immediate offshore/onshore transport & use, Load Test and Third Party Certificates are appropriately provided.

- Tool Containers for heavy tool storage, used in On - Offshore operations, such as, construction fabrication and installation
- Personnel Hand Tool Set. This tool is for individual use in each specific task of the project.
- Special Hand Tools, consisting of, for instance, tube bender set, hydraulic knock out set, printing wire mark machine, engrave machine and threading machine. These tools are used in specific tasks.
- Special Calibration Tools. These tools equip the adjustment of electrical instruments to match specification and standard required in manufacturing process.