CONTRACTOR's experience and reference for similar Well Piping Work
Item GroupCES Project No. Description Client Location Service Order No. Year
Project 2008 (Piping Work)
1 719P/08 OBA-987 Fabrication of pipe spool for replace the new FI-4011 (Service Pack #6) PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH 2008
2 714P/08 TBA 08-44 Installation of condensate heater H-9120 reversible flow line PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB131327 2008
3 699P/08 WR-1459 Fabrication Sacrificial Piping Spools for stripping pump and A/C cool S.W pump on FSO2 PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB130899 2008
4 650P/08 OBA-999 Replace high rating of SDV-3130 (BKT FULL S-D) PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB125841 2008
5 619P/08 FI-464 To Fabrication Piping Spool for Glycol Line PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB127296 2008
Project 2009 (Piping Work)
6 930P/09 WRA 08-071 Fix Leak at Welding of 53VL001-3 Hot Water Vessel PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OA118031 2009
7 901P/09 Fabrication of S-spool for FUWF Tulsa unit EXTERRAN PO00012091 2009
8 794P/09 TBA 08-22 Phase 2 Defective G48 piping repair and replacement PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB134250 2009
9 767P/09 WRA 08-024 Fabrication of drain gully seal cap PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OA114804 2009
10 738P/09 WRA 08-060 To Fabricate and replace the first elbow sections PTTEP ARTHIT OA114344 2009
Project 2010 (Piping Work)
11 1065P/10 WRB-10-18 Temporary and permanent repair of 8”-OW-10503-B03 corroded piping PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB141045 2010
12 1055P/10 Turbo Expander Discharge Nozzle for TTM TTM JANA GSP PO no.3000007405 2010
13 988P/10 WRA 09-060 (Scope 0f GRP Piping) Installation Drain Facility near A-5410 Water Making Unit PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OA119127 2010
14 983P/10 ITB 023.2009 Amine Recycle Project (EPC) TTM JANA GSP PO no.3000006291 2010
15 940P/10 WRA 09-083 Welding repair leaking plugs at header of regeneration gas cooler E-2440 PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OA118483 2010
Project 2011 (Piping Work)
16 1246P/11 MOD 10-017 Reroute Fuel Gas Line Supply to Gas Sweetening Skid CPOC MUDA RSO 4700008332 2011
17 1201P/11 WRA-11-026 Re-route piping that obstructs sale gas compressor#1 PTTEP ARTHIT OA124118 2011
18 1182P/11 DBA 11-01 Permanent well conversion (piping fabrication scope) PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB144193 2011
19 1181P/11 Anomaly Piping Reinstatement Work on Bongkot WHPs PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB144160 2011
20 1136P/11 Fabricate Temporary Pipe Spool for training torque and tension INTEGRITY ISMPO.CES.01-03-11 2011
Project 2012 (Piping Work)
21 165P/12 Repair drain line crack at the pressure gate flange at HPRT TTM JANA GSP PO no.3000009439 2012
22 160P/12 MOD 10-020 Pipe Penetration CPOC MUDA RSO 4700009980 2012
23 131P/12 Fabricate Short Pipe Spool Stainless SS304 for TTM TTM JANA GSP PO no.300000914 2012
24 095P/12 TBA 08-45 Auto bleed-off system for Well BK-20M PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB150315 2012
25 091P/12 WRA 12-005 To fabricate three way piping spool for new pressure transmitter trial test PTTEP ARTHIT OA127243 2012
Project 2013 (Piping Work)
26 038LP/13 DBA 12-03 Change WPs ESD philosophy to manual remote reset PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH 3200001589 2013
27 033LP/13 DBA 11-14 ESP Pilot Project PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB156899 2013
28 028LP/13 WRA 13-001 Fabricate new spool with impulse line position at 3 o'clock PTTEP ARTHIT OA131046 2013
29 027LP/13 FI-1533 To fabricate of 2” pipe spool down size for BC unit PTTEP BONGKOT NORTH OB156276 2013
30 025LP/13 WRS 12/07 To fabricate 3 Set of WPS-1 flow line target tee spool PTTEP BONGKOT SOUTH OB155970 2013