CONTRACTOR's experience and reference for similar Well Minor Structural Work
Item GroupCES Project No. Description Client Location Service Order No. Year
Project 2008 (Minor Structural Work)
1 700P/08 Fabrication of 10 feet Container PTTEP OA111267 2008
Project 2009 (Minor Structural Work)
2 835P/09 Fabrication 10ft Container OA116473 PTTEP OA116473 2009
Project 2010 (Minor Structural Work)
3 1078P/10 Fabricate Offshore Container for Bongkot South Operation PTTEP OB141500 2010
Project 2011 (Minor Structural Work)
4 1170P/11 Fabricate Standard Container 10FT for Bongkot South Field PTTEP OB143753 2011
Project 2012 (Minor Structural Work)
5 200P/12 Fabricate Turn Table for PTTEP SUBSEA PTTEP OB153311 2012
6 169P/12 WRS 12-01 To fabricate the bund, rack & shelter for chemical storage area at PPS PTTEP OB152207 2012
7 125P/12 Fabricate Offshore Container 20FT = 2 unit PTTEP OB148666 2012
8 061P/12 FI-1167 To Fabricate 1 set of BA cylinder transfer basket PTTEP OB149208 2012
Project 2012 - 2013 (Minor Structural Work)
9 206P/12 Fabricate 10ft Empty Container for RB132753 PTTEP OB153386 2012 - 2013
10 177P/12 Fabricate Container Standard Size 10FT and 20FT for RA111886 PTTEP OA128694 2012 - 2013
Project 2013 (Minor Structural Work)
11 044LP/13 Offshore Logistics CCU Transfer Baskets for material movement PTTEPI IMA-IMO/F-PO-13-0172 2013
12 043LP/13 Offshore Logistics CCU for Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Rubbish Skips PTTEPI IMA-IMO/F-PO-13-0173 2013
13 042LP/13 Offshore Logistics CCU Transfer Racks and Baskets PTTEPI IMA-IMO/F-PO-13-0174 2013
14 039P/13 Fabricate Offshore Logistics CCU Containers PTTEPI IMA-IMO/F-PO-13-0151 2013