The health and safety policy of the company are to
1 Ensure that the safety and long term health of our employees and other individuals that may be affected by our activities and that the protection of the environment receive equal priority with other business objectives.
2 Accept that the Health and Safety are Management responsibilities, which require a structured organization with committed and competent staff.
3 Provide Project Management with the support of Safety Specialist to assist Line Management in compliance with current legislation, set standards, implement programs and measure performance.
4 Provide a Safety Management System, comprising of Standards, Procedures and Work Methods, which systematically identify all hazards within our activities and eliminate or control the associated risk.
5 Establish mutually agreed interfaces with the Clients Management Systems and clearly identify responsibilities and accountabilities through a site Safety Plan.
6 Ensure a clear communications system exists for all Health and Safety issues through structured meetings, presentation and publications.
7 Undertake assessments to ensure the competence of all our employees in performing their respective roles.
8 Evaluate and control subcontractors' capabilities and performance to match standards set by CES or clients.
9 monitor the performance of our activities against established standards and criteria, to meet planned objectives.
10 Use the investigation of accidents and incidents as a Management tool to provide analytical details and to identify inadequacies in management control.
11 Develop and maintain detailed audit procedures and schedules to verify compliance with CES and client Safety Management System.
12 Undertake periodic reviews of the Safety Management System.
13 Encourage all employees to contribute to the continual improvement in CES Health and Safety performance
14 Follow the requirement and procedures to achieve ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Accreditation


This statement relates to contracts where CES has a main contractor responsibility to deliver services to client. It applies to all employees on the contract and employees of CES’s contractors.

It should be read in conjunction with the Company Policy Statement.

The following Safety Objective form an integral part of the CES Management commitment to the contract to :-

1 Provide a Management System and Working Standards such that tasks will be executed utilizing safe systems of work.
2 Identify relative strengths and weaknesses by monitoring the performance of the Project against set standards on a periodic basis through a program of audits, reviews and inspections.
3 Undertake a proactive Communications Program including introduction's, Management Visits, Safety Meetings and Publications.
4 Investigate accidents and incidents as a Line Management function to provide details of lessons learned, statistical data and a system of monitoring performance.
5 Provide a structured approach to the Management of work by hazard identification, control of risks, and provision of information relating to tasks through Toolbox Talks.
6 Systematically evaluate contractors' capabilities and performance to match standards set by CES Co.,Ltd. and client.
7 Establish Training Programs for supervisory development and task related requirements.
8 Co-operate with client in achieving overall site health, safety and environmental objectives. The emphasis in any Safety Policy is on the need for individuals at all levels to contribute to the achievement of its objectives.